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IT Capability


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At the heart of our business is a process that drives each claim forward throughout its lifetime and aims to eliminate customer call-backs. This means that customer expectations are met or exceeded whilst claim and process costs are kept to a minimum.


Central to this process is our TopMark Internet Claims Register (TICR). This is a web based loss management and control system that allows our customers to examine, via the Internet, progress on any of their claims at any time. Access is restricted by code so whilst we have access to all cases our customers only have access to their cases and – if required - to the management information that is relevant to them.


Navigating TICR is very logical and straightforward allowing clients to access ‘real-time’ information and to access a suite of pre-formatted reports. This ensures that reports are available ‘on-demand’ and not simply when TopMark have scheduled them to be run and supplied. This dramatic increase in flexibility puts information at the fingertips of the User and is available via secure password access on any Internet enabled PC.


Furthermore if required, we can develop an electronic link for the import and export of claims data to and from TICR.


Effective control and management of the claim leads to a virtuous circle of less unnecessary paper communication, a faster turnaround in claim settlement, and an increase in policyholder satisfaction.