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Fraud Investigation


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Our team of experienced loss adjusters specialise in identifying and uncovering claims fraud during the course of their routine investigations. Our specialist investigators, who include experienced ex-police officers, use a range of databases to carry out background research and then conduct face-to-face interviews to gather evidence.


If evidence of suspected fraud comes to light but requires additional resources to prove fraud conclusively, we act promptly utilising specialist covert surveillance and in addition liasing with the local Economic Crime Unit.



The making of dishonest insurance claims has become all too common. There seems to be a widespread belief that insurance companies are fair game, and that defrauding them is not morally reprehensible. The rule we are asked to enforce today may appear to some to be harsh, but it is in my opinion a necessary and salutary rule which deserves to be better known by the public. Quote

Galloway -v- Guardian

Royal Exchange UK Ltd (1999) Lloyds Rep 209


The following case study shows precisely how our fraud investigation services have benefited our clients and acted as a deterrent:


A personal injury claim was intimated against Council B as a result of an alleged slipping/tripping accident due to a pothole in a footpath.  Our suspicions were raised when the alleged injury appeared inconsistent with the mechanics of the accident. Specifically we felt that the injury was of a type more commonly associated with a sporting injury.  As a result of our suspicions we visited two witnesses named by the claimant who were alleged to have been unknown to him prior to the accident. This course of action revealed some material discrepancies warranting further investigation.


We proceeded to conduct a full background check on the claimant and both witnesses which revealed that they were not only friends from school but were also members of a neighbouring town’s amateur football team and we located a number of sports centres where the claimant and his witnesses regularly trained. Investigations with those facilities and their staff, in addition to the claimant’s team-mates, revealed that the injury sustained occurred during football training and that the claim had been entirely fabricated by the claimant.


We submitted our findings to the Council, who were satisfied that legal liability should be resisted, but asked that we then obtain statements of truth from the claimant and his witnesses that could assist the Council in pursing a prosecution against the claimant for perjury if the case is pursued.