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Claims Presentation


Claims Preparation on behalf of Policyholders

TopMark Adjusters is a claims expert company and has close ties with the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters as the only body that governs and represents insurance claims’ experts.


The title ‘Chartered Loss Adjuster’ is an historical one and could be considered misleading in that it implies downward ‘adjustment’ of a claim. In fact the Royal Charter of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters specifically permits the institute’s members to represent policyholders in the preparation, presentation and negotiation of their claims – generally negotiating with other loss adjusters employed by the insurer to make sure that the client’s full entitlement under the policy is paid. TopMark Adjusters Ltd is authorised by the Financial Services Authority to work for the policyholder in this way.


CILA has a rigorous exam structure, which demands a combination of practical experience; report writing and presentational skills and technical knowledge. The company supports the institute and all our adjusting staff are members.