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Accident, building fire and flood
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Building Solutions


Builder assessing building plan

The accurate assessment of repairs to buildings and knowledge of procedures to ensure successful completion of any building contract are a pre-requisite of a loss adjusting practice. We have staff with the skills to deal with all types of losses arising from damage to existing buildings and to buildings under construction by perils such as fire and flood as well as recovery claims for losses arising from negligent contractors or third parties.


The consequential losses arising from such incidents including loss of profit, loss of rent or losses from denial of access can also be accurately quantified for our clients and the appropriate action taken.


We have close relationships with consulting engineers and surveyors who we know have the specialist expertise as well as experience on insurance related matters should their services be needed by our clients.


Our surveyor’s experience of rebuilding costs and his access to the BCIS database on the latest costs of construction enable him to prepare accurate valuation reports for clients so the correct sum insured for the Building is used. This avoids the risk of subsequent penalty for under-insurance in the event of a claim.